Clubhouse & Golf Course Rules and Regulations
The Club at Hidden Creek Navarre FL

The following rules and regulations will be implemented to better serve our members and guests and protect the future improvements and conditions of the golf course:

  • Proper attire required in Clubhouse
  • Absolutely NO denim or cut-off shorts allowed on driving range or course at any time
  • Collared shirt or golf style shirt required at all times on driving range and course
  • No metal spikes at any time
  • Absolutely no outside food or beverages allowed without prior approval
  • Handicap flags are allowed with proof of handicap tag from the State of Florida and are allowed no closer than 20 feet from the greens
  • Carts must remain on path near tees and return back to path around greens–beginning of cart path denotes where to return to path. If you are observed with your cart too close to the tees and greens, public play may be asked to leave and members may be suspended.
  • No carts at any time are allowed on the driving range tee box
  • Please fill all divots with sand. Please repair your ball marks plus one other
  • Please make your stops on the turn brief, anything longer than 15 minutes, you will lose your place in line on the 10th tee box
  • Target pace of play is 4 hours and 10 minutes
  • Members Only–If you walk on designated days, you are to walk the entire round, except for the turn on 9 and 10.
  • There are to be no more than 2 carts per group of 3 or 4 players and no more than one cart for a group of 2
  • Driving range balls and baskets are property of The Club at Hidden Creek
  • To ensure safety and enjoyment, please refrain from using the golf course for non-golf activities

We appreciate your support of the new ownership. These rules and regulations are designed to ensure Hidden Creek will become the best golf course it can be. This in turn will benefit everyone’s enjoyment of the property. We want everyone to continue enjoying all that The Club at Hidden Creek has to offer.

Thank you for following these rules and regulations. We look forward to serving you.